How does traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) dermatology treat eczema?

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September 13-19 is National Eczema Week 2020, and one of my colleagues in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) dermatology has produced a brief webinar in collaboration with the National Eczema Association. In this presentation Dr. Olivia Hsu Friedman explains how TCM and Western medicine differ in their approach to treating eczema, and answers the questions below:

  • How does TCM view eczema?
  • Why use herbal medicine to treat eczema, instead of or in addition to acupuncture?
  • How are herbal formulas produced?
  • Is it safe to take Chinese herbal medicine?
  • How does herbal medicine taste?
  • What is it like to work with a TCM practitioner?
  • How much does TCM treatment cost?
  • How much treatment is necessary?

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Watch the webinar below.

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