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Whether mild or as part of bipolar disorder, anywhere on the spectrum, anxiety almost always pairs with a set of physical manifestations.

Over time as our emotions affect our physiology and vice versa, the nervous system falls into a habit. Even if the source of anxiety disappears, the body may remember and be entrenched in playing out a familiar pathological pattern.

Chinese medicine allows us to sleuth an individual’s precise expressions of anxiety, and if necessary, to address that imbalance with acupuncture and herbal therapy.

How Acupuncture Can Help Your Anxiety | Acupuncture in Portland, OR

Acupuncture does not change thoughts. It won’t undo trauma. But it can support the release of a stubborn emotional landscape. It has been proven to significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression through its effects on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Most of my patients with anxiety have a pretty clear understanding of the habits that can support them: exercise, communication, journalling, counseling. When regular acupuncture or herbal therapy interrupts the sympathetic nervous system state and addresses the pathological pattern, our bodies have a chance to self-correct and our habits gain traction.

Often I use cosmetic facial acupuncture techniques when treating anxiety/depression and chronic stress patterns. Our mood and cognition is undeniably connected to our facial expression. In addition the general beneficial effects of acupuncture, facial acupuncture and gua sha powerfully affect vagal tone, calm the sympathetic nervous system, and gently regulate the limbic system. This translates to steadier emotions, brighter complexion, and an overall sunnier disposition.

If you’re suffering with anxiety or depression, I’m sorry. Try to be patient and ask for help, and consider trying acupuncture.

Betsy Gordon Acupuncture in Northeast Portland specializes in holistic dermatology and the treatment of digestive, autoimmune, and allergic conditions. She works with persons at various stages of chronic stress and mental illness. Schedule a free consultation online or by calling (971) 341-9546.

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