Holistic Dermatology: Six Tips to Heal Psoriasis

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Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine provide a holistic, safe, and effective treatment for psoriasis. The following evidence-based recommendations may improve outcomes as part of a treatment plan with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

  1. Stop smoking. Yep, smoking cigarettes has been directly linked to increased incidence and severity of psoriasis.
  2. Reduce alcohol consumption. Excessive alcohol consumption is associated with increased incidence and severity of psoriasis.
  3. Eat fresh, light meals. Chinese medicine recognizes that excessive consumption oily/greasy food, spicy food, meat/fatty food, sweets and sweet drinks aggravate psoriasis. The following food items are generally beneficial: mild spices, fresh food without additives, a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, fresh teas.
  4. Consider an elimination diet if you suffer from digestive upset or allergies. Research is inconclusive as to the degree to which food allergies contribute to psoriasis. Following an elimination diet to identify food triggers may be beneficial for some.
  5. Consider supplementing with Omega-3. Some studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids at least modestly improve psoriasis.
  6. Get outside. Sunlight has been proven to be beneficial for psoriasis. High dose supplementation with Vitamin D may be able to resolve psoriasis temporarily.

Betsy Gordon Acupuncture in Portland, OR specializes in holistic dermatology, digestive, allergic, and autoimmune conditions. She provides a treatment plan which brings together approaches in traditional Chinese medicine dermatology and functional medicine. If you’d like to know more, schedule a free consultation online or by calling (971) 341-9546.

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