Mental Health

Acupuncture is a top treatment for anxiety disorder

Most experienced recipients of acupuncture can attest to its calming, anxiety-relieving effects. Once needles are placed we settle in, gaze around the room or close our eyes, and feel our nervous systems passively reach a comfortable parasympathetic zone. These benefits aren’t just anecdotal! Research has found acupuncture is a safe, effective, reliable treatment for the … Read more

How acupuncture can help anxiety

Whether mild or as part of bipolar disorder, anywhere on the spectrum, anxiety almost always pairs with a set of physical manifestations. Over time as our emotions affect our physiology and vice versa, the nervous system falls into a habit. Even if the source of anxiety disappears, the body may remember and be entrenched in … Read more

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My acupuncture clinic is centrally located on NE Broadway Street in Northeast Portland, easily reachable from North, SW, and SE Portland. You’ll find easy neighborhood parking.